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Mini-Grant 2017-2018 Pilot

Thank you for your interest in the Affinity Group Mini-Grant pilot program!


New for 2017-2018, the ESA is offering Affinity Groups the opportunity to seek funding to enhance collaboration and professional learning across the schools.  



  • ESA has allocated $10,000 of the ESA operating budget to support collaborative efforts within Affinity Groups.

  • Grant requests may not exceed $2,000.

  • Successful grant requests will be designed to support and enhance the ESA’s mission & tenets.

  • Sample activities:

    • Securing a speaker

    • Developing a shared resource for the schools

    • Generating a report

    • Conducting research

    • Collaborative project between students

    • Coordinating a common training or certification exercise

    • Other

  • Request decisions are determined at the discretion of the ESA staff.

  • The number of requests funding will depend on the amount per ask.  If multiple asks are below the $2,000 limit there will be opportunities for more than five proposals.  Requests may not exceed the limit and no more than $10,000 will be expended.

  • Important: funding is not available for travel expenses and meals for Affinity Group participants.

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