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Sample Projects

Two projects were funded in the Fall FY18 application process.

Executive Training in Change Management

Affinity Group: Sustainability

This day-long program will bring together administrators and Sustainability Directors from the Eight Schools to align economic, environmental and social sustainability priorities within our institutions and build a common vernacular between Sustainability Directors and their administrative supervisors. It will build institutional administrative capacity, and help us all navigate a shift towards a more resilient administrative model in a time of increasing global complexity by harnessing the power of the complementary "adaptive" and "command-control" operating systems. We will all understand the new and changing role of the Sustainability Director better through a transparent analysis of the two institutional operating systems and how they interact to implement common goals.

Environmental Science Lab Activities

Affinity Group: Honors Environmental Science Teachers

Teachers from Choate Rosemary Hall and The Lawrenceville School will design and test lab activities to use in Honors Environmental Science classes. If students at Choate and Lawrenceville use the same lab protocols we can compare data collected at two locations over time. If this collaborative work is productive, we can expand to other schools to build a database that can be analyzed for trends over time and at different latitudes. These lab activities will then be made available to all of the ESA schools.

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